What is the connection between lumbar pillow and sleep

The person spends third of life in the sleep. Optimists even consider that it not the worst part. Since ancient times attached great importance to sleep, and now someone with ecstasy reads dream book, and someone tries to lumbar pillowdiscover data on the great: Leonardo da Vinci, Lenin, Napoleon, Stalin slept for 3-4 hours per day, Roosevelt and Einstein, on the contrary, liked to have a sleep much.

Experts say that uniform rules for sleep is not present. The main thing that the person woke up rested. On the individual need to different duration of sleep affect hereditary factors, quality of sleep, age, daily rhythms of an organism and the degree weariness. Sometimes it seems to the person that it has slept, and actually he simply does not remember, how it – to feel well rested. If you yawn during the working day, your attention is scattered, memory and excerpt let you down, my head hurts – you not getting enough sleep and not can is high-grade to have a rest during a dream.

For this there are many reasons. First, our rapid time dictates the mode of a dream and wakefulness, and in favour of the last. The modern person began to sleep less. According to scientific researches, our ancestors slept on 20 % of time more. Secondly, our ancestors did not have TV, the lumbar pillow for car, not to mention the cell phone. Additional loading on a brain is not always good. lumbar pillowThird, often the wrong head position during sleep, when the neck muscles do not relax, and cervical vertebras are bent. Because of this headache and pain in the neck area. Add to this the daily sitting at the computer, which also has an adverse effect on the spine. As a matter of fact, the vicious circle turns out. Whether but so is difficult to escape from there?

You can improve sleep quality. It is necessary to show consideration for on what we sleep. Just needed mattress solid and smooth, but not hard. The lumbar pillow should have the anatomic form to provide soft, but at the same time steady support of a head and a neck during a dream that physiological bends of chest and cervical departments of a backbone maintained anatomically correct position. If you have had a spinal injury, on work it is necessary many to sit in front of the computer or you often at the wheel, for preventive maintenance and treatment of diseases of a backbone it is necessary to use a special orthopedic lumbar pillow under a back, which gives to a spine the maximum area of a support.