The most common disease of the reproductive organs in girls is vulvovaginitis. It is an inflammatory process that applies to the external genitalia (vulva) and the mucosa of pihvy.Zalezhno causes distinguish several types of this disease. Bacterial vulvovaginitis in most cases causing streptococci, staphylococci, enterococci, Escherichia palychka.Infikuvannya happens when the rules of personal hygiene – the bacteria penetrate the gut together with stool and through dirty hands, clothes, after swimming in open waters.
Penetration and multiplication of pathogens contributes to infection in childhood body, and lowered immunity. Initially, the disease is hidden, then there is swelling and redness of the vulva, discharge from the genital shlyahiv.Rezultaty smear analysis indicate the presence of large numbers of white blood cells and infectious pathogens. Treatment by weak antiseptic solutions, which washed the vagina and vulvu.Paralelno must be a course of vaginal suppositories containing antibiotics, which are sensitive organisms found in the smear.
Helminthes (worms, pinworms) are extremely common in childhood diseases, often they are and the cause of vulvovaginitis. Worms transferred from an intestinal microflora, whose presence in the vagina triggers inflammatory protses.Vin characterized by strong itching of the external genitalia, and sometimes painful sensations. Small patient complain of vaginal discharge, skin labia red and swells, becoming visible traces raschesov.Harakternoyu sign this kind of disease is swelling of the skin in the area of ​​the anus. Treatment involves taking protyhlystovyh preparations and washing the external genitalia weak antiseptic solutions.
In some cases the inflammation is caused by penetration of the vagina foreign object. This often happens accidentally, while playing or when pochisuvannya child sexual orhaniv.Cherez while there are abundant discharge from the genital tract, they can be bloody, whether manure. Treatment consists in removing the foreign body and flushing the vagina with disinfectant rozchynom.Mlyavyy vulvovaginitis unexpressed symptoms may occur against the background of exudative diathesis or obesity. And besides douches should be excluded from the diet foods that cause diathesis.
Sometimes child transmission protozoa and fungi are in the process polohiv.U this case there is a specific vulvovaginitis – gonorrheal, chlamydial, Trichomonas, mikoticheskiy etc. Diagnosis is based on laboratory studies, the nature of treatment is chosen, taking into account individual sensitivity to antibiotics specific mikroorhanizmu.Nehatyvnym consequence of inflammation vulva and vagina is the formation of adhesions of the labia minora, the growth on the walls of the vagina polyps and warts. Prevention involves select the right food, personal hygiene and timely treatment of infectious zahvoryuvan.Dlya prevent infection of the child during childbirth expectant mother advised beforehand to undergo therapeutic course and pass the control tests.