Trichomoniasis – a defeat of the genitourinary system, which causes trichomonas. First trichomoniasis has been described at the beginning of the XX century, but then doctors figured out that they can become infected through sexual contact. To date, the incidence of this disease definitively surpassed gonorrhea and syphilis, it has each year become infected more than 300 million people.

At school, the lessons we studied zoology simplest organisms. Viewed under a microscope amoebae, ciliates, shoes, and Chlamydomonas. Trichomonas vaginal – also the microorganism of the kingdom of the simplest: a one-celled, small, oval or pear-shaped, with a mustache-flagella. But unlike harmless protozoa, trichomonads inhabit the genitourinary organs and cause inflammation in them.
Modes of transmission

The least likely to be infected with trichomoniasis with oral and anal sex. Most of all – with the introduction of the penis into the vagina. Domestic infestation does occur, but are extremely rare. For example, if a long time to rub the sexual organs of the same sponge, which has just enjoyed a patient, or wipe it with a damp towel.
What if this happens?

Caught in the urethra or genital human trichomonads rapidly attached to a covering of cells (with flagella). Then the insidious germs begin to proliferate. When they become too much, they start to damage the host cell. From the moment of infection until the first signs of the disease usually takes from 4 days to 4 weeks.

In women, trichomoniasis is manifested inflammation of the vagina (colpitis), cervix (cervicitis) and glands that produce lubrication necessary for sexual intercourse. Men often inflamed urethra (urethritis), and prostate gland (prostatitis).

Suspected in a female trichomoniasis is much easier than men.

The first thing that should alert – a selection of frothy fluid from the vagina whitish color. It is important to pay attention to the smell: the smell of rotten trichomoniasis release fish. In addition, external genitalia female red and swollen, there is itching and burning sensation, and sex become torture. If Trichomonas lodged in the urethra, there may be pain when urinating.

In men, the majority of cases the disease is asymptomatic. The main and the only sign of trichomoniasis in men – pain and burning during urination.
What is it dangerous?

Because of the inflammatory changes in the genitals are often Trichomonas causes of female infertility. Trichomonas causes male infertility, sperm sticking together and eating the nutrients sperm.

Trichomonas not only causes trichomoniasis, but can hide in your body other microorganisms that cause STDs. The most frequent of their “roommates” – gonococci (gonorrhea) and Treponema (syphilis). Being inside Trichomonas, these bacteria are inaccessible to drugs. So as long as people do not get rid of single-celled parasites, and other sexually transmitted diseases can not be cured.

Suspecting trichomoniasis, you must always consult a doctor. Women can help the gynecologist, the men – a urologist. Similar to the symptoms of trichomoniasis occur in other diseases, so it is important to correctly diagnose. It is possible that patients need to consult dermatologist.

For the diagnosis of trichomoniasis take swab from the genital organs and under the microscope looking for it trichomonads. The women investigate vaginal discharge in men urethral discharge, and the secret of the prostate gland. The result confirms the general smear more accurate methods of investigation: direct immunofluorescence, PCR, or seeding.

Trichomoniasis – a curable disease. We just need to strictly comply with all requirements of the doctor and patient.

Patients doctor may prescribe special protivotrihomonadnyh drugs, the drugs increase the immune system, vitamins, and physiotherapy. Get rid of the pathogen to both sexual partners simultaneously. From sex until the end of treatment should be abandoned. If this rule is violated, then recovered a partner, may become infected again. After treatment, it is necessary to pass the control test. Only after that the doctor can say for sure that trichomoniasis is defeated.

Trichomonas can save on condoms, the exclusion of casual sex and use within two hours after sexual intercourse antiseptics.