Smoking in the vagina

Discomfort, including burning of the vagina may indicate an inflammatory process, especially in combination with abnormal discharge and pain during sexual akti.Inodi feeling is accompanied by increased dryness of its walls, which caused a decrease of secretory activity of the mucosa of the vagina and large vestibule glands. To confirm the presence of inflammation and identify its cause, please check with likarya.Obov sure to step in diagnosis is tested for infections, sexually transmitted infections – herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, yeast (Candida), papillomavirus, and other character treatment in this case depends on the type identified pathogen and its sensitivity to antibiotics.
By the end of treatment and delivery of control analysis is recommended to use a condom. Often, men can not detect the infectious agent, as they focus in prostatic secretions. However, treatment must pass both partneram.Inodi cause inflammation becomes dysbiosis vagina (vaginosis) is caused by multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms – Escherichia coli, hardnerell, fungi and Candida inTse against the background of reduced immunity during menstruation or pregnancy, after prolonged treatment with antibiotics . In this situation, therapy is limited to local use of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
The cause of burning sensation in the vagina may become vulvity and allergic reaction to the chemical composition of the product that is used during sexual intercourse as lubricant. Described instances of allergies in women at spermu.Podibna reaction can take place and the use of chemical contraceptives that are entered directly into the vagina before sexual contact. However, completely abandon their use is not varto.Shvydshe all, there was not allergic to the same active ingredient, and the ingredients used to make candle or tablet defined consistency. In this case, should try other dosage forms of vaginal contraceptive.
Hormonal changes that occur against the backdrop of puberty, pregnancy, stress, diseases of the ovaries and the endocrine system, affecting the state of vaginal mucosa. They can trigger unpleasant sensations associated with atrophy of the walls pihvy.Vona occurs when estrogen deficiency and manifested as loss of a thick layer of horny cells, which play a protective role in reducing the secretion of lubricating oil and high drativlyvosti.Vse this leads to a thinning vaginal walls, loss of elasticity, which is especially important during sexual contact. Sometimes as a negative factor acting rude sexual act that provokes mechanical damage to the vaginal walls, and diabetes, which changes the composition Beley.
Burning sensation in the vagina may result from irritation of the fluids that flow through its wall in inflammatory processes in the reproductive organs located above. These include cervicitis, endometritis, metritis, and INTE adnexitis in the event of such symptoms should undergo a comprehensive examination. As diagnostic procedures carried out analysis on smear flora, study of genital infections with sensitivity of pathogens to antybiotykiv.Yakscho burning urination accompanied and process, it is advisable to bakposev urine, which allows to identify infectious agents that are in the urinary organs.