Pain during intercourse

Discomfort, pain during intercourse, break the harmony of intimate life and can cause complete failure of sexual intercourse. It’s quite adversely affects the physical and mental health of women, so do not delay the decision of this problemy.Inodi pain occur only as a result of awkward posture during intercourse or lack of moisture the vaginal walls. In this case important to the emotional mood, the existence of a prelude to intimacy, as well as discussion with the partner of choice acceptable pozytsiyi.Odnak may be more serious causes, which include gynecological diseases.
Provoke discomfort with the introduction of the penis may be inflammation of the external genitalia – vulvit.Yakscho same pain occurs in the commission tolchkoobraznyh movements, accompanied by itching and irritation, it is very likely that the inflammation is localized to the vagina. Vaginitis usually occurs against infections, sexually transmitted shlyahom.U this case, both partners should undergo evaluation and treatment, during which at sexual intercourse is recommended prezervatyv.Prychynoyu pain during intercourse may be inflammation in the urinary organs system – cystitis, urethritis, which requires special treatment.
Often, pain during sexual contact occurs during the first sexual experience, which made associated with the rupture maiden plivy.Odnak this formation is rarely so tight and well secured nerve endings that its rupture caused serious pain vidchuttya.Inodi membrane is so thin and elastic, that can maintain its integrity even after sexual intercourse, because bleeding during defloration does not always happen, and its absence is the concept normy.U most cases the pain occurs on the basis of fear and caused strong contraction of the muscles of the vagina. To help in this case can relax, foreplay, trusting relationship with a partner, and the use of reliable contraception.
Save hymen after the first intimacy can trigger discomfort, pain during sexual intercourse further intercourse. Sometimes the final deliverance from it is only during polohiv.Yakscho eliminate data deficiency in normal conditions can not, you can resort to the intimate plastics. In some cases, prevent a full-fledged sex life can vahinizm.Vin develops as a result of failures that occurred in the past intimate life, and leads to severe muscle spasms that cause pain. This situation often occurs at the doctor, especially during the first gynecological ohlyadi.Tut important soft attitude of the partner, allowing the woman to relax. If the independent struggle with vaginismus is ineffective, you should seek help from a therapist or sexologist.
The cause pain during intercourse may become adhesive process in small tazi.Pry this expression depends on posture and movement intensity of sexual partner. Therapy is surgical removal of adhesions and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of reproductive orhaniv.Krim of unfavorable role can play injured, the effects of operations or childbirth – tears of the cervix, vagina and perineum, leading to the appearance of stitches and scar formations. Causes of painful intercourse may be:

* Endometriosis,
* Violation of blood (venous stasis)
* Neuralgia pelvic nerves,
* Endometritis,
* Three-dimensional processes of the pelvic organs (tumors, cysts)
* Not enough oil because of Pathology bartoliniyevyh glands, hormonal disorders or menopause.