Ovarial education

Ovarial education is a peak as the second phase salpingoophoritis (adnexitis). Clinical course of acute inflammation of the ovary, which affects the upper part of uterine tube divided into two phases: the development of inflammation with the presence of infection aerobic and concluding the second phase, which is formed by anaerobic inflammation with abscess formation. adhesions in the tube contributes to the accumulation of manure, which in the absence of surgical intervention breaks into the abdominal cavity or are located near bodies.
Symptoms of ovarial education at an early stage of ovarian development and meet salpinhitu.Boli in the lower front or side of the peritoneum is often combined with pain in the back, accompanied by high fever and chills, possible dizuricheskie phenomena and uterine krovotechi.Prychynamy of the acute episode may be hypothermia or making outside infectious agent against chronic processes in the ovary.
In the diagnosis necessarily made the differentiation of

* Peritoneal condition * ectopic pregnancy * cyst or ovarian tumors.

Palpation of the lower abdominal region and appendages shows their increase, swelling and pain. Gynecological examination by mirror sometimes can not because of the pain of abdominal wall, as applicable narkoz.Obov sure to ultrasound done on the subject of purulent fluid filled fallopian tube, ovary rasplavlenyy.
In education ovarial treatment is conducted in two etapy.Na first stage to building patient in a hospital and an intensive medical therapy with antibiotics, painkillers and sedatives zasobamy.Na second stage is conducted hyperplasia laparoscopic intervention with opening the abscess, removal of contents and introduction of antibiotics in porozhnynu.Yakscho in process of diagnosis was found conglomerate ovarial education intestinal loops or the uterus, then held a local puncture purulent cavity via rear vaginal vault with parallel transvaginal ultrasound skanuvannyam.Drenazh purulent abscess also completed the introduction of antibiotics, which eliminates recurrence of disease.