Orthopedic lumbar pillow and its composition

Lumbar pillow off curvature of the spine it is possible to name with all responsibility an irreplaceable element on each armchair which does not guarantee necessary support and unloading back.
It is an original ergonomic pillow, rather rigid back layer which provides the desired profile on a vertical – for simplification of pains in a waist – and horizontally for comfortable sitting. And softer outer ball gives comfort.lumbar pillow

Such a cushion from curvature of the spine suitable for 100% for the passive treatment of patients with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, thoracic spine and for avoidance degenerative disc disease and other chronic diseases back.
The lumbar support cushion is useful and in the workplace and at home, as well as during prolonged sitting in the car.
It is 100% made of polyurethane foam: the most durable and flexible artificial created material. The pillowcase on an orthopedic small pillow is made of a natural material. Lumbar pillow withstood tests for allergy.

Thanks massage small cushion you more any more do not remember about discomfort, owing to long sitting, having received deload for the lower back. You will be able to significantly improve working conditions and simultaneously spend therapy of unpleasant diseases of a backbone that allows to improve rather labour productivity on work, to improve quality of performed work and to cut down percent of errors.