Often accompanied by bartholinitis

Bartholinitis – an inflammation of the gland, which lies on the eve of the vagina. In the duct glands penetrate pathogens (staphylococci, streptococci, etc.), there is swelling, redness, swelling.
How do you recognize?

Swelling of the surrounding tissue leads to a narrowing of ductless, gland secretion is disturbed outflow, which creates conditions for further development of inflammation. This stage of the disease called acute bartholinitis. The general condition of the patient deteriorates, the temperature can rise to 39C or higher, chills, pain in the labia majora.

Often accompanied by bartholinitis suppuration with the formation of an abscess Bartholin gland. Palpation of the abscess is accompanied by severe pain. The event of failure to assist an abscess may spontaneously opening and the general condition of the patient improves. However, this does not mean that treatment can be completed – after opening the abscess is often a relapse and the disease becomes chronic.

Also during the inflammatory process in the gland can accumulate and cause exudation cyst Bartholin gland.
How to treat?

Bartholinitis treated in hospital. Inflammation of the wound with antibiotics. In addition, the patient is given painkillers. Subsided with the treatment of acute effects may be supplemented by physiotherapy. If suppuration shows the operation for opening the abscess. Bartholin gland cyst removed surgically with complete excision of the capsule