Lumbar support pillow

Habitual and obligatory almost for all people an element of office accessories is the lumbar support pillow. From it in many respects depends not only duration and quality of performed work, but also your health.

With a view of preventive maintenance of diseases of a backbone the lumbar pad should be not too big, moderately dense, elastic, easy and air. Modern pillows filled with the sheep or camel wool and they surpass recently feather and down pillows in following points:Lumbar support pillow

– Do not accumulate dust, and therefore are not breeding grounds for mites;
– Retain heat;
– Not impede ventilation;
– Have a positive effect on the bioelectric potentials of the cell membrane;
– Do not cause allergies;
– Have a therapeutic effect.


Lumbar support pillow for office chair

Awkwardly to ask a question: what pillow to buy?
Before we go into a store and buy a pillow, decide – what qualities do you expect from this affiliation. Indeed, the diversity of this range is sufficiently large. The most important part of lumbar help pad for office recliner is filler.

1. Filler the bamboo fiber creates a fine microclimate, levels temperature, regulates humidity, possesses antiallergenic and antibacterial properties, creates cooling effect.Lumbar support pillow

2. Eucalyptus fiber – non-polluting filler new generation. Unique process of processing gives the chance to receive a fiber of structure of a vegetative stalk. Such filling provides eucalyptus to lumbar support pillow natural antibacterial properties. The pillow with eucalyptus a fiber is absolutely safe for people sick of an asthma and suffering from an allergy. Pillows from eucalyptus heat in the winter and give a cool in the summer.

3. A cotton fiber very thin and elastic. Pillows from a clap well absorb and delete moisture, perfectly pass air.


Lumbar back support pillowLumbar support pillow

Last years it became fashionable to buy lumbar back help pillow for office armchair leather with filler from a buckwheat peel which also does not cause allergic reactions. Besides, this natural filler well fits a backbone and promotes an optimum condition of muscles of a back. This version of pillows does not demand washing, it is enough to do drying from time to time only.


But first of all it is necessary to notice that the pillow basis is created from a modern material. Thanking its unusual properties pressure upon a backbone decreases as a result it is arranged under the form of a backbone under the influence of heat. As a result the person feels lightweight and high comfort, and blood circulates in the field of a back more freely.

We wish you to have an equal and healthy back always.