Emergency prevention of sexually transmitted infections

Infected with genital infection easiest from random sexual partner, especially if you do not care about respecting the rules of intimate safety.

All means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be divided into mechanical and chemical.

It is best to protect the condom from the large size of micro-organisms such as gonococci and treponemes from. Not in vain en masse it was used to control the epidemic of syphilis in the XVII century. But with viruses rubber boot for the penis to cope worse.

Preferably well in advance to buy condoms in pharmacies and not five minutes before intercourse in a tent, selling cigarettes and beer. At the pharmacy, and more choices, and the likelihood to purchase low-quality product below. Condoms are different: with extra lubrication and without it, with the flavor and odor, color, ultra-thin, corrugated, pupyrchatye. In short, anyone, even the most fastidious buyer, there is good at heart. There are even special condoms to prolong sex and anal sex.


In the process of putting on a condom in inexperienced in this case men may weaken erections.
A condom does not guarantee 100% protection from sexually transmitted infection, its reliability 65% ​​- 98% depending on the infection.
Even a very good condoms sometimes tear (one time in sexual acts 100-130).

In addition, some men believe that making love in a condom – the same thing, that smell roses in a gas mask. We can assume that it is they say the genetic memory of the Soviet rubber products: it is believed that modern condoms are good companies on the sensations have no effect. But in any case, she bother with a condom in a romantic moment can bring a partner psychological discomfort.
Candles and paste

Another type of protection from sexually transmitted infections – a special candle and paste. Basically they are women. Introduced into the vagina for 5-10 minutes before sexual intercourse “Pharmatex”, “Patenteks oval” or a similar drug can kill sperm (being a contraceptive), and many agents of sexually transmitted diseases.

Minus the money to protect against STDs is somewhat worse than the condom.
Other antiseptics

What to do if a random sexual contact did occur, but no condom, no special protective paste was not at hand?

Within 2 hours after sexual intercourse, you can use the drug betadine (iodine Valium). He is able to kill and viruses (herpes) and bacteria (pale treponemu, gonorrhea), and parasites (Trichomonas). Women should enter into the vagina one candle betadine, and external genitals, pubic area and thighs with a solution betadine. Men need to handle the penis, the glans penis, foreskin, scrotum, pubic area, inner thighs 10% betadine solution. The drug can be introduced into the urethra, but it needs to dilute it in a two-fold: to make a 10% solution – 5%. After processing, it is recommended not to pee 2:00.

Similarly, the action has a chlorhexidine (gibitan, miramistin). He produced in the form of solutions in convenient plastic bottles of 100 ml. Bottle fitted with a special tip of the pipette, allowing the drug to enter smoothly into the urethra.

Minus a preventive – 100% guarantee, it does not. In any case, after 3-4 weeks you should consult a dermatologist and get tested for genital infections.
Special medications

Within a few days after a suspicious sexual contact can begin preventive treatment. But most currently prescribing antibiotics is not recommended: fraught with bad consequences. Treatment can only assign a venereal disease.