Colpitis (vaginitis) – This is inflammation of the external genitalia and mucous membrane pihvy.Ye one of the most common gynecological diseases diagnosed in women of reproductive age, sometimes occurs in children and adolescents.
Occurrence of obesity contributes to a number of factors:

* Infections, sexually transmitted infections (gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, etc.)
* Diseases of the endocrine system
* Failure to observe good personal hygiene
* Reduced immunity
* Mechanical damage to the mucosa of the vagina
* Long and irrational antibiotics
* Intestinal dysbiosis
* Allergic reaction
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The nature of the disease are acute and chronic formu.Pry acute inflammation observed following clinical picture: itching in the genital area, redness of the mucous membranes, pain in the abdomen and through sexual contact, burning during urination and abundant selection of pihvy.Prychomu nature and intensity These emissions depend on the causes and development of the inflammatory process, age and general health of women.
In the absence of early treatment of acute obesity disease can pass into the chronic stage of its bright rozvytku.Pry this clinical picture is not observed. Typical symptoms of inflammation occur only during acute hypothermia or in violation of the rules of personal hygiene. Pain, itching and burning almost absent, there are only abundant vaginal discharge.
Risk of obesity is that at its late diagnosis and ineffective treatment it can lead to very heavy uskladnen.Zapalennya vagina can spread to the urethra at the neck and uterus, and appendages, which further can lead to infertility.