Coitus interruptus

This method consists in removing the penis from the vagina prior to ejaculation, and probably is the oldest contraceptive.
The effectiveness of the method

Coitus interruptus is very ineffective method of contraception.

First, not every man can feel the onset of ejaculation and self-control at this point.

Secondly, a number of sperm released in early sexual intercourse. According to some, is the “vanguard”, consisting of the motile sperm, and that, accordingly, makes the probability of conception is very high.

In addition, repeated sexual acts in the vagina can enter semen left on the walls of the male urethra after the first ejaculation. According to the statistics of the 100 couples who practice coitus interruptus as a contraceptive method, pregnancy occurs in a year with 20-25 of them.

In addition to the unreliability of this method, it should be noted from the harmful psychological and neurological point of view – the need to remove the penis breaks sensations of orgasm as a man and a woman, which can lead to dissatisfaction with sexual intercourse. A lack of stimulation of the penis during ejaculation may cause a violation of the mechanisms leading to the development of various disorders (eg, retrograde ejaculation – semen reflux into the bladder).