Lumbar pillow

We do not suggest you buy a lumbar pillow, we only provide the information, and purchasing decision take you.

Let’s find out what is a lumbar cushion

If you have to work much basically sitting or to spend much time at home at the computer you imperceptibly get used by stoop.

Lumbar pillow

The reason stoop is covered not so much in unwillingness to sit directly, how many in imperfection of furniture. Organize your workplace so as to minimize the stress on your back. And to help you with this lumbar pillow.

In 99,5 % of the population a word the pillow associates with a soft lining under a head. But not much know that maintain back not less important, than a head. Specially for this is developed the lumbar pillow. The reason stoop is covered not so much in unwillingness to sit directly, how many in imperfection of furniture.

The cushion is used to maintain correct posture while sitting. Creates an additional lateral support the spine. Universal in application. Due to its anatomical shape lumbar pad allows you to sit up straight, do not slouch. Provides support to the delicate spinal cord. Reduces tension in the muscles of the back and neck, tightens the abdominal muscles, reduces loading on forward departments of vertebras.

During pregnancy

Lumbar pillow

At all pregnant women without an exception, from the severity of carrying of a fruit, muscles of a back and a back part of a hip are too strained, up to a strong overstrain. Such pressure, moreover and in a combination to deficiency of calcium, negatively affects state of health not only mother, but also the future child.

Lumbar pad thanks to the function very effectively helps to “unload” the spine and avoid unintended consequences.

If you have already received warnings from his back in the form of various pains, inability to stand up straight, shooting pains in the legs, it’s a good reason to start respecting his back.

Lumbar pillow

And for those who did not face these problems, use of lumbar pillow in the preventive purposes will be completely not superfluous.

How to reduce the load on the spine with lumbar pillows

If you work a lot while sitting at home or spend a lot of computer time, you get used to slouch unnoticed. And in this position and neck and back have huge excess load.

You probably do not sit for long periods the first year and do not slouch while experiencing no discomfort. But if the back or neck began to bother you, then it must change as well as continuing to sit in a normal position, you will only worsen the situation.
The reason is not so much stoop with reluctance to sit up straight, but with deficiencies of furniture on which you sit. Organize your work area so as to minimize the load on your back helps support lower back.

Lumbar pillow

Who and why do we need lumbar support

Use a lumbar support is recommended for those people who are in a sitting position most of the time: while driving, at work, at school.

It is effectively used to relieve fatigue and tension in the lumbar region and neck, removes the pressure on the spine. Because of what is to sit comfortably and conveniently.

Using a lumbar support helps to create the necessary support for the back, evenly distributes the load on the entire spine and reduces the pressure on the lumbar region.
Begin to use support

Lumbar pillow

Ideal if you’re sitting on a chair that provides lumbar support.

If you have a normal stool or chair, you can:

to use a special orthopedic pillow for lumbar;
or collapse of a small roller towels;
or just take his hand back and placed under the loins own arm

How to properly use the pillow

Put a pillow or cushion under that part of the back, where you have the maximum lumbar curve. Sit as deeply as possible (to the pelvis, or touched almost touching the seat back) and lower back firmly against the pillow.
How to change your life the use of lumbar support

Lumbar pillow

Using a pillow under your back:

helps the spine to take the correct, physiological status;
lumbar muscles holding in position;
makes it impossible to bend the wrong back in the lumbar region.

Lumbar pillow

If you’re using a lumbar pillow, it will help you:

change your usual posture;
prevent fatigue in the muscles of the back seat of duty;
eliminate the discomfort in the lower back;
form a correct posture while sitting.

And as a result will help:

prevent diseases of the spine and internal organs;
increase your efficiency;
to the correct position of the body natural and familiar.

Orthopedic pillow under the back

lumbar pillow

Orthopedic pillow under the back TRELAX SPECTRA is designed to enhance the comfort of traditional armchairs, chairs and car seats. SPECTRA pillow gently supports the back and compensate for the load to the lower thoracic and lumbosacral spine, resulting in prolonged sitting at work, while studying and driving. Orthopedic pillow approved by the Health Ministry and is recommended for use as medical devices.

Discomfort and muscle tension in the back during prolonged sitting.

Lumbar pillow

Prevention of pain in his lower back with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine.
Preventing the development of osteoarthritis in the lower thoracic and lumbar spine.
Combined therapy of osteochondrosis of lower thoracic and lumbar spine.
Removal of muscle imbalance in the lumbar region as a result of scoliosis.
Comprehensive rehabilitation after injuries and illnesses lower thoracic and lumbar spine.


Profile SPECTRA cushion allows you to conveniently support the lumbar spine.
The design of cushions for maximum support for the lumbar area.
Anatomically shaped pads stabilize the bending of the right lower back.

lumbar pillow

The optimum height of the base allows you to use a pillow, from the age of 10.
The elastic structure of the product relieves muscle tension, promotes the proper placement and maintenance of the optimal value of the lumbar lordosis.
Side bolsters pillows SPECTRA provides a secure fit and prevent the lumbar lateral displacement.
Guaranteed shape retention for at least 3 years of daily use.

100% hypoallergenic material and the basis of the pillow.
lumbar pillowFull equipment (base, removable cover and strap to secure the cushion in two positions).
Easy-care pad (no need to wash the entire pillow.)


PECTRA cushion is particularly suitable for chairs and armchairs with a smooth straight back.

Pillow placed on a chair or sitting so that the maximum projection of the roller located at the bend of the lumbar spine. For fastening to the back of the chair, chair or car seat on a pillow is the fixing belt, which can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

Do not use pillows SPECTRA in car seats with built-in support for unregulated in the lumbar region.